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I am a second grade teacher at University School of Nashville, an independent school in Nashville, TN.  I have been a classroom teacher and reading specialist in kindergarten through seventh grade in Virginia, Alabama and Tennessee.  Predictably, I love reading and also enjoy road tripping with family, taking photos, and daydreaming about remodeling projects and far off places.

I was lucky enough to be introduced to new and interesting thinking about word study both in undergrad and graduate school in the 1990s by researchers and professors such as Marcia Invernizzi, Kathy Ganske and Shane Templeton.  Learning from them about why there was a <g> in <sign> was an aha moment that has stayed with me through the years.  Like any decent teacher, my philosophy and practice have evolved since this time.  Currently, I look to Reading Spelling as an important source of my learning and inspiration.

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